Customers are the creators of brand presence



Creating business sustainability needs several sources, the most important of which is the target audience. The customer is no longer the one who pays for a product or service only, but has become practically involved in creating the identity/brand presence.

 The process is bidirectional, from the brand to the customer in terms of marketing, selling, and attention, and from the customer to the brand in terms of word-of-mouth , purchase, and sense of belonging.

 And amidst of all this competitiveness and duplication of a product/service in the market is to provide a customer experience that presents brand values and proves them in an appropriate image, so that the customer becomes a spontaneous transmitter of those values. And he changes from a payer to a marketer for a practical experience, and this is the bottom line in making the marketer client.

 Each customer is a project in his network of relationships, word-of-mouth, and experience. This is what creates trust, and what makes it spread in its natural context in the market.

 Healthy business sustainability depends on the following:

 1. A clear methodology for defining objectives for business and projects.

 2. Determine the appropriate tools and mechanisms to implement this methodology, such as touch points and tools.

 3. Setting a performance indicator directly related to the customer’s behavior (KPI).

 4. The ability to evaluate and adapt this methodology.

 The ability to transform the customer into a brand marketer is considered one of the most important pillars of sustainability, as the customer then markets and defends the brand, or as they call it in the marketing funnel, the advocacy stage.


 When we put the customer at the center of the work circle, positive interaction will flow naturally, and then he will turn from a customer to an advocate, and ultimately to a defender and an ambassador of the brand in one of the clearest forms of the relationship between the public and the brand.

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