With the Toy Makers.. OctoberToys -USA

people produce and others consumes.. As simple as that..
And some trying to reduce the gab in between.
They loved the book (I love my doll, the love story between doll and Human), and it’s idea and interests. Like a kid when he’s get a toy..
I saw that in their eyes and words..
With October Toys founders, Georgegaspar & AlyeenGaspar, in their workshops about toy design in AlRiwaq. Organized by the Cultural Affairs in US embassy. Mr.Brad, Public Affais Officer from the embassy in right of the pic.
Special thanks to Janan Shaikh from Public Affairs Office.

October Toys is an award winning independent toy company based in Los Angeles, CA. Production services include prototyping, project management, and manufacturing for a variety of designer and mass market toys. October Toys also produces a number of in-house brands such as OMFG mini figures as well as licensed lines such as Skeleton Warriors action figures.


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