Bahraini achievements in Creativity in Business


Jaafar Hamza to be the first Bahraini to be certified the Creativity for Business from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Mr. Hamza who is also a writer, lecturer and founder of BOXOBIA has been awarded the certificate of Creativity in Business Lion from the Cannes Lions who recently has released a series of courses on different subjects related to marketing and entrepreneurship.


Cannes Lions is considered one of the main annual events in the field of creative marketing and advertising around the globe; it involves worldwide leading agencies presenting their works and ideas for their clients from different sectors.


The award of Creativity of Business involves 42 highly professional courses, and they are led by pioneers from the industry of creative marketing. In addition to the strategic partnership with reputable agencies like Ogilvy, BARCLAYS, and The Happiness Research Institute, and cooperation with international networks and magazines like BBC, FORBES, THE HUFFINGTOM POST, and TNW.


The talented engineer Jaafar Hamza is the first Bahraini to obtain the certificate of Creativity in Business.

“The lessons were intensive, and I can compare this course to a pressurized capsule with highly nutritional supplements that you cannot find on other platforms.” Said, Mr. Hamza


“We are talking here about the biggest annual event in the fields of advertising, marketing, and creativity which has the gist of the experience of the astute individuals. It is an opportunity that you do not want to miss; the content is so rich and supported by practical studies and examples. They provide you with questions that activate the muscle of creativity inside you, and the answers were corrected by specialists all the time!”


He also adds: “ what delighted me the most is a personal email from the official website admiring a creative idea I have presented to promote one of the products as an answer to one of the questions which tested our ability to understand a brand and being able to market it creatively.”


“knowledge is being spread in an accelerated digital world; we really have information glut facing a glut for wasting and trivializing the ideas. The most important currency that cannot be compensated is time, therefore, we need to keep on improving ourselves and taking the opportunities as much as we can.”

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