The Journey Product to Brand with Lisa Galea

        This is the customer journey blog post with free downloads: Here are a couple of case studies from Lisa’s studio

Brand and Beyond with Fabian Geyrhalter

Fabian Geyrhalter: Born in Vienna, Austria, Brand Strategist and Creative Director Fabian Geyrhalter is a prolific author and speaker on the subject of branding. He is the Founder and Principal of Los Angeles-based brand consultancy FINIEN, where he works hands-on with startups of any size and age on crafting strategic, verbal, and visual brand clarity. ...

Why we need Personal Branding? with Rana Mouawad

How Far Our Voices Can Reach? (ClubHouse)

How Far Our Voices Can Reach? (ClubHouse)
  I have recently experienced logging into ClubHouse application, or as others would call it “chatrooms”, via an invitation from Mr. Fabian Geyrhalter, the author of How to Launch a Brand. Some people see ClubHouse as nothing but a developed version of PalTalk, however, it has a different system with features like: • Logging into ...

Why we need to think Strategically in Design? with Jessica Hannan

المشاركة بمؤتمر حاضنات ومسرعات الأعمال

…. لمشاهدة شرائح التي لم تظهر في اللقاء، الرجاء نسخ هذه الوصلة:

Bahraini achievements in Creativity in Business

Bahraini achievements in Creativity in Business
  Jaafar Hamza to be the first Bahraini to be certified the Creativity for Business from the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. … Mr. Hamza who is also a writer, lecturer and founder of BOXOBIA has been awarded the certificate of Creativity in Business Lion from the Cannes Lions who recently has released a series ...

يُعتبر أول بحريني يحصد هذه الشهادة..في مجال الإبداع في الأعمال

   الأحد 15 نوفمبر 2020 حصل الكاتب والمحاضر، مؤسس شركة BOXOBIA المهندس جعفر حمزة على شهادة في مجال الإبداع في عالم الأعمال  Creativity in Business من جائزة ”كان الدولية“ والتي أطلقت مؤخراً مجموعة من الشهادات التخصصية في مجالات متنوعة مرتبطة بالتسويق وعالم الأعمال. حيث تعتبر Cannes lions أكبر حدث سنوي في العالم في مجال الإبداع ...

Innovate to Motivate .. Presentation in Polytechnic Bahrain University

Innovate to Motivate .. Presentation in Polytechnic Bahrain University
  Whats motivating you every second to reach your Goals?   High Goals,  means High Force. And the main source of getting that force is Motivation. So, just keep yourself motivated to reach your Goals. .. The interactive lecture in Polytechnique University -Bahrain about “Innovate to Motivate”, within the activity from the university for its 10 anniversary, ...

No More Boundries .. An interview with “Business in Gulf” magazine

No More Boundries .. An interview with
We believe that life is worth being experienced enough to create our own story and leave a trace behind. That’s what big brands do, from country to toothpaste, and from cars to bars of chocolate. An interview with BOXOBIA in “Business in Gulf” Magazine. to read the interview with BOXOBIA:   check the link in ...