How Far Our Voices Can Reach? (ClubHouse)


I have recently experienced logging into ClubHouse application, or as others would call it “chatrooms”, via an invitation from Mr. Fabian Geyrhalter, the author of How to Launch a Brand.

Some people see ClubHouse as nothing but a developed version of PalTalk, however, it has a different system with features like:
• Logging into the application can be only through invitation, and it is not known yet whether they will make it public in the future or not.
• The application has many chatrooms and threads, and you can select which room you want to join; that is if you have a connection over there.
• The chatrooms can be either open or closed, and you get to invite whoever you want.
There are other features as well which readers can google, if they are interested to know more.

What really attracted me to this application is the amount of interaction it has. I have learnt a lot from the rooms where Chris Do presents his experience in the fields of design and creativity. I also had the honour of talking directly to Marty Neumeier the author of Brand Gap, Brand Flip, and Zag. There was also a well of inspiration in one of the rooms with Les Brown giving deep and motivational speeches.

Such magnificent momentum for this application, along with the participation of big names in the business world like Elon Musk, has provided an experience that cannot be ignored.
In the Arab Chatrooms, Saudis are active with different topics like culture, technology and business; their contributions are sophisticated.

In one of the rooms that have entrepreneurs and investors, they present their projects and if any consultant is interested, they can contact the room moderator for coordination, as if you are listening to the Shark Tank show. It is such a phenomenal thing to witness this interaction in achieving networking in the business world and developing educational and personal growth.
There are rooms opened specifically to learn English and oral communication. I even saw rooms that taught Quran for those who don’t speak the language.
Soon this application will be allowed for android system users, and not for the iPhone only. And if it does, it will spread like wildfire which can create some concerns for some people who fear the misuse; after all, everything has a bad and a good side.

The ClubHouse can open potentials a new interactive marketing tool, and a lot of business owners, governments, and content developers will have the chance to make great use of it, if they know how to do it properly.
Rooms designated for focus groups can be created for those who are interested to convey their message and take opinions from their audience, like Tamkeen, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry and other associations.
Financial experts can moderate rooms where they can spread awareness about banking hacking and financial management.
Toastmaster clubs can also benefit from it by creating rooms that help with the speaking skills and interpersonal communication.
These are only few examples of the potentials this application can open for us.

It is all in the hands of the users; they should understand the app and get to know how to use it practically so it can be an added value for them.
What gives ClubHouse its power is the instant interaction; there is no beautiful picture or a video that can affect the whole ambience; only your voice will make the effect with its spontaneity and reality. This can really develop your thinking before speaking skills, for the instant interaction will make you analyse quickly then share it orally. Therefore, one should be aware not to share anything trivial or harmful.
Indeed, it is like an open area with many discussion tables that you get to choose where to sit; it is all up to you! This open diversity can make one rethink before uttering any word because whatever you say represents you and creates a mental image about you in the minds of people.
The networking rate in the application is going high at this point; people have already started to make deals the minute they joined the club. This reminds me of Seth Godin’s idea about Early Adopters, and how they get the chance to yield the fruits before the others.
People yearn to discover new things, and the curiosity leads them to try and make others try too; they will be like a salesperson who try to persuade people. And this is indeed what I am doing at the moment by writing this article.

Can we really employ this application to our benefit? Or what we already have in the world of social networks is more than enough and might form a barrier for some people from benefiting from this app?

The abundance of information around us is huge, with smart platforms being created to give space for us to interact and share, but the main question in here is whether we can make use of it or not!

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